The Shore Keyboard


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by brunblazkowski

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The Shore

Intro: F#m Bm Bb Dm A C#m C E 

Verse 1: 

F#m                Bm 
I walked all day along the shore 
Bb                    Dm 
I was made for loving you 
A                  C#m 
I drown my pain in alcohol 
C                               E 
How could you feel the same way too? 

Verse 2: 

F#m                   Bm 
My feet will not walk anymore 
Bb                               Dm 
So I guess you ought to know the truth 
A               C#m 
I wonder what I am made for 
C                          E 
If I'm not made to be with you 

Instrimental: F#m Bm Bb Dm A C#m C E 

Verse 3: 

F#m                         Bm     
I wish you were here on the shore 
Bb                               Dm 
That we could build up something new 
A             C#m 
I wonder why I am so sure 
C                              E 
Nothing's stronger than me and you 

Verse 4:  

F#m                    Bm 
Now I'm leaning on the stage door 
Bb                         Dm 
As I'm writing these words for you 
A                  C#m 
You don't remember anymore 
C                       E 
The kisses that I stole from you 

Instrumental: B Cdim Em B7 C Am F D 

Verse 4: 

F#m                 Bm 
I spend my days without you now 
Bb                            Dm 
And the sky doesn't look that blue 
A                  C#m 
Because every day I love you more 
C                               E 
How could you feel the same way too? 

Verse 5: 

F#m                Bm 
My life is full of wine and gold 
Bb                            Dm 
But it's not worth it without you 
A                   C#m 
Just like my bed my heart is cold 
C                        E 
Now you know I've always loved you 

Outro: F#m Bm Bb Dm A C#m C E (2x) 

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