White Fence

And By Always

White Fence

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And By Always

Tuning: Standard EADGBe ( 

On all D-chords, alternate between D, Dsus2 and Dsus4 

C F D x5 

             C F D 
Play it slow 
         C   F    D 
Is it always wrong?          
          C F D 
Don't you  
         A         E     A 
Lay a diamond in a crowd 
I see you always 
F       Em             D       A 
 And by always, I mean carefully 

A childs square 
Another golden tear is down 
That weight 
The gold thats on your tongue 
And i saw you 
Love always taken 
And by always, I mean carefully 

F       Em 
 And by always 
F            Em 
 I'll see it backwards 
F       Em         D      A 
 Like a ledge on a factory 

A wishing pond 
Is what i'm relying on 
To skip through 
And make it bottom down 
And whip you 
And always treat you 
And by always, I mean carefully 

During the solo an A is played over and over with various pitch-changes. 

Then play C F D for the rest of the song. 

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