Vinnie Ferra

Bad For Business

Vinnie Ferra

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Bad For Business


Picking pattern: 


Dm          C            G 
And I walk alone in this tonight 
I look to my right but no one‚??s there  
            C                           G 
I hope that one day soon you‚??ll be with me  
Wanting and waiting never can I see  
C                  G 
See, what‚??s on the other side  
            Dm     C         G 
Waiting for me, oh me. Oh be with my heart  


Dm            C                  G 
No matter how much I want you to stay 
It‚??s a life of solitude that I must pay  
                C                       G 
The price of an artist, the price of my dreams  
                      Dm                 C                    G 
Cause me to be so unhappy. Guess I‚??m not meant to be with you now 
                                           Dm (Single Strum) 
But I will wait here for you, I don‚??t know how  
C (Single Strum)  G 
How, how we could just forget  
             Dm      C          G 
I don‚??t know now, oh now. Now I play instead 

Instrumental Dm, C, G (x2) 


Dm             C                            G 
A summer built up so high it was one of the best  
That‚??s the least that I could say you weren't like the rest  
                  C                     G 
So please hold me tight and say we wont fight 
Cause our days are numbered before you take flight 
C          G 
Flight, oh flight  
                Dm         C       G 
Before you take flight, oh flight oh  
                   Dm C G 
To the other side of town 
                   Dm C G 
To the other side of town 


Dm          C                          G 
I hope that one day soon, I‚??ll be here forever and yours alone 
         Dm  C   G 
Never to go, go, go  
         Dm   C          G 
Never to go, oh never to go  
              Dm C G 
And there you go 
              Dm C G 
And there you go 

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