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Two Door Cinema Club

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by renejunior

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Intro: D   Bm  (4x) 

D    Bm  D   Bm 
Wait For something more 

D Bm x2 

D       Bm 
When you show 
D   Bm 
I follow 

    A               Em 
The beacon light is calling me 
    Bm                A 
the light that never dies 
   A                Em 
reflections thrown above the sea 
      Bm             A 
casts shadows in the sky 

A                 Em 
Standing right in front of you 
   Bm              A 
Is where I need to be 
  A              Em 
Reliving this is something new 
    Bm             A 
And something finally 

A        Bm 
Take the deep end 
    A                 D 
And swim 'til you can stand 
      A              Bm                  A    D 
Cause it will make a difference in the end 

A        Bm 
Trip the shudder 
    A               D 
And keep the picture close 
A                 Bm            A    D 
Save it until you need it the most 

A Bm A D 
A Bm A D 

A   Bm     A  D 
I'm coming home 
A   Bm     A  D 
I'm coming home 

A Bm A D 
A Bm A D 

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