Trick Pony

A Boy Like You

Trick Pony


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A Boy Like You

	  		Intro chords - Bm - D - A - Bm - G - D - A (2x's) 
G  D   A   Bm       
I like, my fun,  
G      D              A 
every bit as much as anyone 
G  D    A  Bm          Em   - G - A 
I want, a love, that's real 
G       D      A   Bm  
Well somehow, you know, 
G      D               A 
How to get inside this heart of gold, 
G     D      A    Bm 
real smooth, real slow 
I should turn and leave but, 
You feel so good to me, mercy me 
            Bm    D    A              Em 
(What's a) good, ole, girl suppose to do, 
       G        D             A        Bm 
with a boy like you (bad,bad boy like you) 
           G             D            A    Em 
There's no limit to the trouble I can get into, 
       G        D              A 
with a boy like you (bad, bad boy) 
A boy like you  
My neck, your lips, 
You're starin fires with your fingertips, 
I can't resist 
Givin' in completely 
I can't stop lovin you, lovin me 
( go to Chorus) then (lead)  
the chords during the lead are as follows: 
C - D - C - Bm - C - D 
Then to the ending bridge: 
Makin' love so sweetly, 
You feel so good to me,  
Mercy me, mercy me, mercy me  
(chorus to end) 


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