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Tennessee Waltz

  		        (intro) |D|G D A|D|D| 
        (VERSE 1) 
              D                             D7        G 
        I was dancin' with my darlin to the Tennessee Waltz 
                D            Bm          E    A 
        When an old friend I happened to see. 
               D                           D7              G 
        I introduced him to my darlin' and while they were dancin' 
           D               G    D     A    D 
        my friend stole my sweetheart from me. 
        (CHORUS 1) 
          D            D7            G         D 
        I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz 
                               Bm          E    A 
        'cause I know just how much I have lost 
              D                          D7              G 
        Yes I lost my little darlin' the night they were playin' 
             D         G  D  A   D  
        That beautiful Tennessee Waltz 
        (solo, same as a verse) 
        (CHORUS 1)                   or CHORUS 1 alone again 
        (VERSE 2) 
              D                           D7        G 
        Now I wonder how a dance like the Tennessee Waltze 
                   D         Bm          E    A 
        Could have broken my heart so complete 
               D                              D7             G 
        Well I couldn't blame my darlin', and who could help fallin' 
           D            G  D    A  D 
        In love with my darlin' so sweet 
        (CHORUS 2) 
                D           D7           G         D 
        Well it must be the fault of the Tennessee Waltz   
                                Bm            E     A 
        Wish I'd known just how much it would cost               
              D                               D7           G 
        But I didn't see it commin', it's all over but the cryin'   
                 D          G  D  A   D 
        Blame it all on the Tennessee Waltz 
        (solo, same as a verse) 
        (CHORUS 2) 
New second verse written by Cohen 
                 D                                D7        G 
        She goes dancin' with the darkness to the Tennessee Waltz 
              D             Bm       E      A 
        and I feel like I'm falling apart 
                 D                            D7          G  
        and it's stronger than drink and it's deeper than sorrow 
             D            G    D  A  D   
        this darkness she left in my heart 
        I remember the night ...  (CHORUS 1) 
        That beautiful Tennessee Waltz 

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