Tom Paxton

I'm The Man That Built The Bridges

Tom Paxton

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I'm The Man That Built The Bridges

	  		Intro: E B E 

  E                                     A                E 
I cleared the rocks and timber from the wild New England shore, 
  E                                B 
I labored long and hard to make it grow. 
  E                                A            E 
I built the first log cabins and I raised a family, 
          E                  B                 E 
Told King George and all his Redcoats where to go. 

A I'm the man that built the bridges. E I'm the man that laid the track. B I'm the man that built this country E With my shoulders and my back. A I'm the man that built the power dams, E And oiled all the cars, B And I laid down the cornerstone E For this great land of ours.
E A E I'm the boy that drove the wagons when the people headed west, E B Dug canals and pulled the barges on their way. E A E I built and ran the factories, cut the timber for your homes, E B E Drove the oxen when I cut and baled the hay. Chorus E A E I built the old sod shanties and I raised the prairie towns, E B I made the railroad run from sea to sea. E A E I raised and drove the cattle to feed a growing land, E B E And the mining towns are there because of me. Chorus E A E I stoked the mighty furnaces and rolled the flamin' steel, E B I operated oil rigs and wells. E A E And when the country needed them, I built the planes and tanks, E B E To send the tyrants down to fry in Hell. Chorus E A E Well, my face may not be pretty and my clothes are not the best, E B And there ain't no bigshots in my family tree, E A E But if you're wonderin' who it was that made this country great, E B E You don't have to look no further, it was me. Chorus

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