Tim Minchin

Come Home Cardinal Pell

Tim Minchin

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Come Home Cardinal Pell

Intro: D  Bm9  Gmaj7  D  A 

It's a lovely day in Ballarat 
   Em            Gsus2          D 
I'm kicking back thinking of you 
I hear that you've been poorly 
     Em                Gsus2       D 
I am sorry that you're feeling blue 

I know what it's like when you feel a little shitty 
    G                                               A 
You just wanna curl up and have an itty-bitty doona day 
But a lot of people here really miss ya, Georgie 
     G                                              A 
They really think you oughta a just get on a plane (just get on a plane) 

We all just want you to… 

D                   Bm9                             Gmaj7 
Come home, Cardinal Pell, I know you're not feeling well 
                           D                A 
And being crook ain't much fun, even so, we think you should come 
D              Bm9                           Gmaj7 
Home, Cardinal Pell, come down from your citadel 
                                  D                   A             Gmaj7 
It's just the right thing to do, they have a right to know what you knew 

                Gmaj7                     D 
Couldn't you see what was under your nose, Georgie 
Back in '73 when you were living with Gerry? 
      Bm9                        D 
Is it true that you knew but you chose to ignore, 
Or did you actively try to keep it buried? 
          G                                   D/B             A 
And years later when survivors, despite their shame and their fear, 
      G                                              D/A          A 
Stood up to tell their stories, you spent year after year 
        G                            A 
Working hard to protect the church's assets? 
            Em7                                  A 
I mean with all due respect dude, I think you're scum, 

and I reckon you should… 

D                   Bm9                              Gmaj7 
Come home, Cardinal Pell, we know you're not feeling well 
                           D                A 
Perhaps you just need some sun, it's lovely here you should come 
D                     Bm9                      Gmaj7 
Home, you pompous buffoon, and I suggest do it soon 
                        D                  A 
I hear the tolling of a bell, and it has a Pellian knell 

  Bm9                             A                                      D 
I wanna be transparent here, George, I'm not the greatest fan of your religion 
      Bm9                               A                           D 
And I personally believe that those who cover up abuse should go to prison 
         G                       F#m 
But your ethical hypocrisy, your intellectual vacuity 
         G                            A 
And your arrogance don't bother me as much 
       G                                   A 
As the fact that you have turned out to be such a goddamn coward 

You're a coward Georgie 
Come and face the music Georgie 
You owe it to the victims Georgie 
Come and face the music, the music, Hallelujah, Hallelujah 

(notes only) 
(d e   f#     g      a  g  g  f#    e    d) 
If the Lord God omnipotent reigneth 
He would take one look at you and say 

D                 Bm9                           Gmaj7 
Go home, Cardinal Pell, I've got a nice spot in hell 
                         D                 A          
With your name on it and so, I suggest you toughen up and go 
D              Bm7                                  Gmaj7 
Home, Cardinal Pell, I'm sure they'll make you feel well 
                        D                     A 
Come at the pub in Ballarat, they just want a beer and a chat 

D                   Bm7                                Gmaj7 
(Come home Cardinal Pell) I know you're scared Georgie-Poo 

                D                       A 
(Come home)        They have a right to know what you do 

Your time is running out to atone, Georgie 
I think the Lord is calling you home, Georgia 
Perhaps he could forgive even you (he may forgive even you) 
If you just let them know what you knew 

D            Bm9                             Gmaj7                
Oh, Cardinal Pell, my lawyer just rang me to tell me 
                       D          A 
This song could get me in legal trouble 
D                 Bm9                        Gmaj7 
Oh well, Cardinal Pell, if you don't feel compelled 
                  D                A 
To come home by a sense of moral duty 
   Gsus2              A                 D 
Perhaps you will come home and frickin' sue me 

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