The Vogues

Turn Around Look At Me

The Vogues

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Turn Around Look At Me

	  		Turn Around, Look At Me:The Vogues. 
#7 in 1968. 
A7       D        G9        D       G9  
There is someone..walking behind you.. 
     Em       Em7     A7  
Turn around...look at me.  
         Em         Em7           A7  
There is someone....watching your footsteps.. 
     D       Dmaj7   D7      
Turn around..look at me.  
         G                  F#7  
There is someone who really needs you..   
          Bm          E7  
Here's my heart in my hand.  
     D     D+5         Bm   Dmaj7 G9     Gm6   Em7    A7    
Turn around....look at me,  understand,  understand... 
A7           D        G9             D         G9  
That there's someone..who'll stand beside you... 
     Em       Em7     A7  
Turn around...look at me.  
            Em         Em7             A7  
And there's someone....who'll love and guide you... 
     D        Dmaj7   D7     
Turn around...look at me.  
     G                        F#7  
I've waited, but I'll wait forever,   
    Bm             E7  
For you to come to me.  
        D       D+5           Bm        Dmaj7  
Look at someone....who really loves you..   
     G9       A     A7  D  G D  


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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