The Strumbellas

Carry My Body

The Strumbellas

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Carry My Body

Intro: Em C G D 

Em Carry my body C On down to the station G Bury me slowly D Under my favourite tree Em Don't take me to the graveyard C Or the churches by the faint stars G Bury me slowly D Where I belong.
Verse Em She went to see the woodsman C Well she's been down that road once before G Well this is it for certain, this is it for certain D This time her heart ain't going through that door Em She bought . rosewood C And watched the trees sway back and forth through the wind G She said "It's my turn for irony," D "Well I'm gonna leave in the same box you put me in."
Em She said "Carry my body" C "On down to the station" G "Bury me slowly" D "Under my favourite tree" Em "Don't take me to the graveyard" C "Or the churches by the faint stars" G "Bury me slowly" D "Where I belong."

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