The Shadows of Knight

Dark Side

The Shadows of Knight

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Dark Side


Intro: D A E  D A E  

E                  D         A           E  
I thought that you loved me  I see I was wrong   
E                      D          A  
Cause you've broken my heart now  didn't take   
you too long   
E                 D                A        E  
Our love's on the dark side, now I know you lied   
E                     D      A                    E  
Gave you all my sweet lovin' but you weren't satisfied    


INTERLUDE: E D G  Bm Gm A  Em E Em  

E               D     A                 E  
Come back to me baby  my nights are too long   
E          B  D        A                      E  
I miss you my darlin'  ever since you've been gone   
E                D                A              E  
Well, I love you honey, more than birds love the sky   
E                  D       A                    E  
Without your sweet lovin', all I'd do, baby, is cry   
I say I'm cryin' for you child   

D                             A  
Do you ever, you're drivin me mad   
A                            E      Em7  
Cause you're the best little woman, girl, that this   
man's ever had   
  C               D                                A  
I got to have you honey  please say that you'll be mine   
      Dm7        E  
Cause I love you forever, girl, til the end of time   

B     G   D                     A              D  
Mine  all mine  please be mine  cause I got to have   
you, girl, yeah!!! 

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