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Where Evil Grows Keyboard

The Poppy Family

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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Where Evil Grows

  		verse 1 

      Gm                 Cm        Gm 
       I like the way you smile at me 
      Gm               Cm             Gm 
       I like the heat that enveloped me 

      Gm          Bb             Cm 
       And what i saw i liked to see 

       I never knew where evil grew 
verse 2 
      Gm             Cm            Gm 
       I should have steered away from you 
      Gm                    Cm               Gm 
       My friend told me to keep clear of you 
      Gm           Bb         Cm 
       But something drew me near to you 
       I never knew where evil grew 
Bb Gm Evil grows in the dark Cm Gm Where the sun it never shines Cm F Cm F Evil grows in cracks and holes Eb Gm And lives in peoples minds Bb Gm Evil grew its part of you Cm D And now it seems to be Cm F Cm Gm That every time i look at you Eb Gm Evil grows in me
Bridge Gm Bb F Gm Bb F V3 If i could build a wall around you I could control the thing that you do But i couldnt kill the will within you And it never shows The place where evil grows Repeat Chorus

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