The Maine

Birthday In Los Angeles Keyboard

The Maine

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aleffederico

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Birthday In Los Angeles

C       G           Am 
Oh L.A. pick up the phone 
I need to talk to you 
     G                    Am 
Stop sleeping with my new friends, 
And all the old ones too 
G                Am                               C 
Remember when we met, I thought you thought I was boring 
    G                Am 
You called me on the phone, to arrange my birthday party 
F         G                C 
Well this ain't a scripted movie 
F       G             C 
I don't drive a fancy car 
F              G                   C        Am   F 
Those flashing lights don't mean a thing to me 
G       C 
Goodbye L.A. 

C   G                    Am 
You showed me around the house 
You took me by the wrist 
    G                     Am                 C 
You introduced me to your pals, the scientologists 
   G            Am 
We cut the cake inside, 
Then I tried to fake a smile 
      G                     Am 
And I drank, and drank, and drank, 'cause I felt so out of style 

F        G                 C 
Oh, this ain't my birthday ṗarty 
F        G              C 
No, it's just a fashion show 
F            G                  C     Am   F 
Yeah this is something, it just isn't me 
   G    C 
So long L.A. 

C      G       Am                        C 
Well I do miss Hollywood, enjoy the hazy city 
    G                   Am 
I'm sure you're feeling good 
But soon enough you'll miss me 
      G                 C 
But I ain't got so much money 
F   G               C 
And nobody knows my name 
F           G                C       Am   F 
But here is something I just have to say 
G        C 
F*ck you L.A. 

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