The Duprees

You Belong To Me

The Duprees

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You Belong To Me

	  		You Belong To Me:The Duprees. 
#7 in 1962. (It was a #1 hit for Jo Stafford 
in 1951.) 
C       C/B       Em       B  
See the pyramids along the Nile. 
F         Fdim         C      A7 
Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle. 
F      Fm               Em      Am 
Just remember, darling, all the while.. 
Dm    Dm7     G7 
you belong to me. 

C       C/B            Em    B  
See the marketplace in old Algiers. 
F       Fdim            C       A7 
Send me photographs and souven..irs. 
F     Fm            Em    Am 
But remember when a dream appears.. 
Dm    G       C 
you belong to me. 

C          C7         F 
I'll be so alone, without you. 
Dm              Dm7       G         G  
Maybe you'll be lonesome, too...and blue. 

C       C/B        Em     B  
Fly the ocean in a silver plane. 
F         Fdim             C        A7 
Watch the jungle when it's wet with rain. 
F      Fm                 Em    Am 
Just remember till you're home again.. 
Dm      G           C  

A fifties/sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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