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From Nowhere

The Bear Quartet

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From Nowhere

         D            A 
Adam and Eve were the first 
Bm            A         G 
unemployed in love and evicted  
and their sons were bums 
                          Dmaj7   Gmaj7   Asus4 A 
but that's not why I have come 

         D                  A 
when the police brought you home 
            Bm        A 
your father buried himself  
in his recipies 
you hid in your room  
                        Dmaj7   Gmaj7  Asus4 A 
old enough to move away soon 

Asus4                     A 
and then you came over to me 
Asus4          A 
and we went to she 
Asus4            A 
and then we were three 

       G              D        A    G        D    A 
and it rolled on and away from here into the atmosphere 
   G              D        A 
it rolled on and away from here  
G             D         A         D 
into what's referred as nowhere 

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