The Animals

White Houses Keyboard

The Animals

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by Pete%5FTownshend

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White Houses

  		A G D E x 2 
A               G                   D                    E 
White houses in neat little rows contrasting against the sky 
A                         G               D                             E 
Tumbled down black shacks over the tracks children so hungry they could cry 
    A                    G           D                     E 
The chrome the steel the metal dream leaving the teepee to rot 
      A                 G                  D                   E 
The escapist young mind left behind saving dimes for community pot 
                A        G D 
You better get straight 
E                  A         G 
Better, better get straight 
D E                    A                   G 
I mean you better get straight right now 
D                  E                   A             G D E 
Better get it, you better, better get straight babe 
        A                   G                     D                            E 
They're crying out for love all the time but they fail to see their  
neighbours eyes 
    A        G                  D                         E 
The TV is on 6 o'clock news the channel's in full colored lies 
    A                  G                     D                   E 
The company meets, the President speaks he's young but his bones creak 
      A                    G                         D                E 
Young girl dresses for the high school dance and the guy next door is dyin'  
for a peek 
    A        G 
Get straight 
    D       E                    A               G 
You better, yeah, you better get straight babe 
  D        E                  A             G 
Oh did you get what I said, I said to you 
     D        E                      A 
That you, you better, you better get angry 
    G           D                    E 
You better, you better get straight 
SOLO (32 bars) 
           A                          G                   D                E 
They put a bible in the drawer of the motel room and it's crying out to be read 
       A                    G                    D                        E 
But it stays right there collecting dust, no one understands what's being said 
A                   G           D                   E 
Lovers make love in comfy boxes, what will tomorrow bring 
             A                             G                  D               
They've been told that it's wrong but they don't give a damn, soon another  
life it will bring 
               A              G 
You better get straight baby 
D    E                    A             G 
Yeah you, you better get straight baby 
D             E               A                   G 
Oh and I think I better get myself to get it babe 
                D           E                 A G 
You know what I mean I been bent so very long 
        D                  E 
I wanna fly right, I wanna do it alright 


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