Terri Clark

You Do Or You Dont

Terri Clark


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You Do Or You Dont

	  		Intro:  G / / / D / / / D / / / G / / /} 
G                                      D 
Come on darlin' get down off that fence    
Don't even try and make it make sense 
It's got nothin' to do with your mind     
Take a leap of faith this time 
D                           G 
Tell me what you're feelin' deep in your heart    
C                           G 
Love ain't followed by a question mark 
D                           G 
Should be simple should be easy    
C                           G 
We're not talking brain surgery 
   D            G         D           G 
You do or you don't,  you do or you don't 
    D          C  
You do or you don't     
Love me 
G / / / D / / / D / / / G / / /} 
G                                   D  
You can make a list of pros and cons   
Check 'em all off baby one by one 
But all I really wanna know tonight    
Is are you always gonna want me in your life 
INSTRUMENTAL  G / / / D / / / D / / / G / / /} (twice) 


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