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Terra Naomi

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by fernsantana

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Someday Soon

  		Someday Soon by Terra Naomi 

Ab                 Eb 
Lead the way, I'm waiting for you 

Fm                   C#m 
Since the day that I first saw you 

Ab                    Eb                    Ab  
Seems like I've been living someone else's life 

Ab                      Eb 
And I hope that you can help me see 

     Fm                 C#m                Ab  
That every passing moment's not passing me by 

When I see it through your eyes 

I believe...  

            Ab           Eb  
And someday soon, you'll see 

This isn't easy  

This isn't easy for me 

         Ab       Eb 
Set you free tonight 

This isn't easy 

           C#m            Ab  
This isn't easy but it's right 

Eb    Fm    C#m  

             Ab             Eb 
Caught between the space of you & me 

   Fm              C#m 
I know I'm better letting you be 

Ab                Eb              Ab  
And lately I've been someone else's fight 

      Ab                    Eb 
And I know that there will come a time  

     Fm                C#m  
When you will leave me far behind 

I'll try not to care,  

           Eb                   Ab  
I'll tell myself it's nothing personal 

:: Repeat Chorus ::  

        Ab              Eb  
And I know that I will someday see 
     Fm               C#m  
The meaning of this life of you & me  

Looking back  

        Eb       Ab  
From a place of peace. 

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