Tenacious D

The Pick Of Destiny

Tenacious D

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The Pick Of Destiny

	  		                 Am  G  Am 
'Cause it's the Pick 
Am          G 
Of Destiny, child! 
You know that we'll be rockin' 
'Cause it's flippin' insane! 
               Am  G  Am 
Yes, it's the Pick 
Am      G 
Of Destiny 
     F                            G 
More precious than a diamond on a platinum chain! 

Am                                     G 
In Venice Beach, there was a man named Kage 
F                          G 
When he was buskin' he was all the rage. 
Am                              G 
He met Jables and he taught him well, 
F                              G 
All the techniques that were developed in hell. 
Am                           G 
Crotch pushups and the power slide, 
F                           G 
Geek simulation now there's nowhere to hide. 
Am                                      G 
They formed a band they named Tenacious D, 
F                             G 
And then they got the Pick of Destiny. 

'Cause it's the Pick 
Of Destiny, child! 
You know that we'll be rockin' 
'Cause it's freakin' insane! 
It's the Pick 
Of Destiny! 
Our tasty grooves are better  
Than a chicken chow mein! 

Cause he who is sleazy, 
Is easy to pleasy. 
And she who is juicy, 
Must be loosy-goosey. 
And he who is groovy, 
Will be in my movie, 
        Am  G  F  Am 
So come on! 

The wizard and the demon had a battle royale, 
The demon almost killed him with an evil kapow, 
But then he broke his tooth  
And thus the demon said, "Ow" 

'Cause it's the Pick 
Of Destiny, child! 
You know that we'll be rockin' 
It's completely prophane! 
Cause it's the Pick! 
Of Destiny child! 
You know our movie's better  
Than the Citizen Kane! 

Cause he who's a geezer, 
Must live in my freezer. 
And she who is stockey, 
Is full of mularkey. 
And he who is groovy, 
Must be in my movie, 
So come on!  

Am  G  F  G (2x) 

Oh! Cause if you're a diva, 
Then go to Geneva! 
And if you're a snooty, 
Then sniff up my booty! 
And if you are groovy, 
Then get in my movie!  

G                Am   G  F   G  Am 
It's called, The Pick Of Des-ti-ny! 
    Dm   F  G   E7 Am 
The Pick Of Des-ti-ny!

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