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Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Daniel%5FWeezer

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  		G                 Em 
There's no future so don't fake it 
Am             D 
Don't know if you're going to make it 
B         Em            Am         G    D 
When everything becomes unclear 
G                 Em 
You're tired and you're broken 
Am                   D 
You're true feelings remain unspoken 
B            Em               Am      G    D 
You couldn't hide behind your name 
G              Em 
You're excited and ecstatic 
Am              D 
You're exit was so dramatic 
B             Em         Am         G   D 
When all your passion disappeared 
G                Em 
You're no sucker so don't blow it 
Am                    D 
You're succeeding but you don't know it 
B             Em              Am      G   D 
You've got to turn yourself around 


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