Streetlight Manifesto

With Any Sort Of Certainty Keyboard

Streetlight Manifesto

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by ubirbomfim

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With Any Sort Of Certainty



Am  C  Dm  Am 

Am  C  E 

Am  C  E  C C/B 

F   C  E 

Verse 1: 

Am (Strum once)                       Dm           F 
I don't know where the Sun goes every night, every night 

Am                               Dm               F 
Or where the moon goes when it's light, when it's light 

Am C/B  C        Dm                    Am    
I don't mind, As long as it's there in time 

Dm                             F 
Oh as long as they're there in time 

        Am            E             Am  
I won't mind, I won't mind, I won't mind 

Am Dm F 

Am Dm F 

Am     C/B C      Dm                     Am 
   If I go blind, tell me will you be my eyes? 

Dm                        F 
Oh tell me will you be my guide? 

     Am             E              Am 
I go blind, if I go blind, if I go blind 

C Dm F C C/B Oh my God, I will hold my tongue and I'll breathe easily C Dm F If anyone can say with any sort of certainty that there is C C/B Am something to believe Am C Did you ever think that we'd be 3 steps from the edge Dm F G Contemplating awful things that thinking about the end Am C Nobody mentioned that their pieces wouldn't fit Dm F G You could rearrange them all you want but the puzzle it was rigged Dm Am We swore we'd never stray E Am Right before we went our separate ways Dm Am And now we're looking back, E Am second guessing all the choices that we made

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