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Stay Gold


 G     Em                    C      
Seize upon that moment long ago 
Am                    D            G                                       
One breath away and there you will be 
     Am          D      G                  
So young and carefree 
   A             G          Am         D   G  
Again you will see that place in time, so gold 
  G     Em                C          G      
Steal away into that way back when 
 Em                                G   
You thought that all would last forever 
 A        D         G                  
But like the weather 
   D         G      A        Am    D    G  
Nothing can ever, and be in time, stay gold 
 C         Am            Em             
But can it be when we can see 
  Am        G                          
So vividly, a memory 
C                  Am         Em   Am  C        G  
And yes, you say, so must the day to fade away 
             Em      C  D    G     D         
And leave a ray of sun, so gold 
 G   Em                     C          
Life is but a twinkling of an eye 
Am                           G         
 Yet filled with sorrow and compassion 
Am       D     G                        D 
 Though not imagined, all things that happen 
 A                  D     G            
Will age too old, though gold 
G  F   G                                 
Oh   gold 

 There is a pause here where he either stops or holds out a note... Play the chord during the pause. :) 

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