Stevie Wonder

Hey Love Keyboard

Stevie Wonder

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by europeu

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Hey Love

Key:  C7 More
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  		Chord Progression 
C7 B#7/F  
F7 E#7/A# 
G  C7 

C7 B#7/F 

Hey love 
May I have a word with you? 
I'd like to tell you, yeah 
Just what I've been going through 
My nights are so long 
As I watch each hour go by 
Hoping and praying 
That someday I will be your guy 

F7 E#7/A# 
Hey love 
           G              C7 
You're my one true soul desire 

F7 E#7/A# 
Hey love, baby 
           G              C7 C7 C7 
Can you feel this burning fire 

C7 B#7/F 
Hey love 
There's one thing I find so true 
When you are near me 
I go through a change or two 
Hearing your footsteps 
I hurry to catch your eye 
And I stand there waiting, yeah 
But girl, you just walk on by 

F7 E#7/A# 
Say love 
          G                C7 
With a cold heart you are dealing 

F7 E#7/A# 
Hey love, yeah 
          G                C7 
It's an awful hurting feeling 

C7 B#7/F 
Hey love 
Don't pass me without some sign 
Just look me over, yeah 
I want to change your mind 


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