Steely Dan

King Of The World

Steely Dan


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King Of The World

Year: 1973 - Album: Countdown To Ecstasy

	  		Am7 Hello Bm7 one andEall 
Am7 Was it Bm7 you IEused to know? 
Am7 Can't you Bm7 hear meEcall 
Am7 On this Bm7 old hamEradio? 
Am7 All I've Bm7 got toE say 
Am7 I'm Bm7 alive and E feeling fine 
Am7 Should youBm7 come E my way 
Am7 You canBm7 share my E poison wine 
Bm7No marigolds in the promised Cmaj7 land, 
CThere's a hole in the G ground where theyDused to grow 
Bm7Any man left on theCmaj7 Rio Grande 
Em7Is theDking of the world as far asAI know 
I won't take your bread 
I don't need no helping hand 
I can't be no savage 
I can't be no highwayman 
Show me where you are 
You and I can will this day 
Driving in my car 
Through the ruins of Santa Fe 
Instrumental break 
Am7 Bm7 E Am7 Bm7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Em7 Ebmaj7 Dm7 Dbmaj7 Cm7 F 
Keyboard Interlude (tabbed for guitar)--Repeat several times. 
Am7I'm readingEm7last years papers 
Am7AlthoughEm7I don't know why 
Am7Assassins, cons andEm7rapers 
CMight asGwellAdie 
When you come around 
No more pain and no regrets 
Watch the sun go brown 
Smoking cobalt cigarettes 
There's no need to hide 
Taking things the easy way 
If I stay inside 
I might live till Saturday 
No marigolds in the promised land 
There's a hole in the ground where they used to grow 
Any man left of the Rio Grande 
Is the king of the world 
King of the world as far as I know 
You know it is.....THANKS! ([email protected]) 


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