Squire Parsons

Master Of The Sea

Squire Parsons

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Master Of The Sea

G   C              G  C  G           C              G  C  G  
One night upon the sea,   A ship was tossing to and fro. 
         C               G   C G         Am               D  
Breakers dashed on every hand,  As angry winds around did blow. 
       C                      G     C G       C              G     C  G 
All on board were filled with fright,  As the mighty billows rolled. 
          C               G  C G        D                 G      C  G 
Then they called upon the One,  Who the wind and waves controlled. 

G       C               G   C G        C            G      C  G 
When He reaches out His Hand,  Billows cease at His command. 
          C              G   C  G        Am                D      
Winds and waves obey His will,  When He says to them, "Be still!" 
G           C                 G  C G         C              G   C  G 
What man is this they all did say,  Whom the wind and waves obey? 
         C                  G  C  G         D             G  C  G 
He’s the One who sails with me;    He’s the Master of the sea. 

G          C                  G   C G       C                 G   C  G 
Though the storms of life may rage.  Mighty billows round you roll. 
            C                    G  C G         Am             D   
Then He can calm life’s troubled sea.  Oh as he did in days of old. 
            C              G  C  G                       C 
And as upon life’s sea you sail.  Why don't you trust in Him who's 
           G     C  G 
never ever failed. 
       C                  G  C  G                  D             G  C  G 
I'm so glad he sails with me.    Oh He's still the Master Of The Sea 

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