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Tease me Please me (live) Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by zordom

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Tease me Please me (live)


I've been around the world 
I've known a lot of girls 
Livin' and lovin' 
                        G5      E5(intro)
It's hard to keep them all in line 
I've seen a lot of sights 
Many crazy nights 
Cruisin' and boozin' 
                        G5      E5(intro)
It's a wonder that I'm still alive 
D5                A5 
Never wasted any time 
Never missed a beat 
D5          A5 
Total satisfaction 
Always guaranteed 
E5    D5 
Tease me 
A5      G5 
Please me  
E5       D5            A5  G5 
No one needs to know 
E5     D5 
Tease me 
A5     G5 
Please me 
E5        D5          A5  G5 
Before I have to go
Duvidas me mandem um e-mail 
[email protected]

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