Sara Bareilles

Many The Miles

Sara Bareilles

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Many The Miles

	  		INTRO: Bb Gm Cm Eb 

Bb                Gm                    Cm       Eb 
There's too many things that i haven't done yet 
          Bb      Gm    
Too many sunsets 
Cm        Eb 
I haven't seen 
Bb          Gm                        Cm       Eb 
You can't waste the day wishing it'd slow down 
Bb                      Gm  
You would've thought by now 
          Cm           Eb      
I'd have learned something 

Bb            Gm                Cm         Eb   
I made up my mind when i was a young girl 
                        Bb      Gm 
I've been given this one world 
  Cm              Eb 
I won't worry it away 
Bb           Gm                         Cm       Eb 
But now and again i lose sight of the good life 
                   Bb      Gm 
I get stuck in a low light 
          G#           Eb/G 
But then Love comes in 

Bb Gm G# Eb/G How far do i have to go to get to you Bb Gm Many the miles Cm Eb Many the miles Bb Gm G# Eb/G How far do i have to go to get to you Bb Bb/D Many the miles Eb But send me the miles and i'll be happy to follow you love
(Bb Gm Cm Eb) I do what i can wherever i end up To keep giving my good love And spreading it around Cause i've had my fiar share of take care and goodbyes I've learned how to cry G# Eb/G And i'm better for that (Bb Gm Cm Eb) Red letter day and i'm in a blue mood Wishing that blue would just carry me away I've been talking to God don't know If it's helping or not But surely something has got to got to got to give G# Eb/G Cause i can't keep waiting to live

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