Ryan Baker Barnes

Hallelujah God Is Good

Ryan Baker Barnes

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Hallelujah God Is Good

	  		 A D 
Hallelujah God is Good, Hallelujah God is Great  
 F#m E/G# A 
Hallelujah for His love / en-dures / today 
 A D 
Hallelujah our God Heals, Hallelujah our God Saves 
 F#m E/G# A E 
Hallelujah our God rose from the grave / and He lives / today! 
 A D F#m E 
Hallelujah, Our God is a Saving God 
 A D F#m E 
Hallelujah, Our God is a Healing God 
 A D F#m E 
Hallelujah, Our God is an Awesome God 
 F#m E/G# A F#m E/G# (A 2nd time: Bm F#m Esus E) 
Our God be praised, Our God be praised 
D E 
Higher than the names of this world 
F#m E/G# 
Greater than the kingdoms of earth 
D E 
Stronger than the power of darkness 
F#m E/G# 
 Our God Reigns! 
Copyright Ryan Baker-Barnes, One Thing Music 2008. Administered by Copy Care, P.O.  
Box 77 Hailsham, Sussex BN27 3EF,  
UK. International Copyright Secured. Used by permission 
Hallelujah (God is Good) 
© Ryan Baker Barnes 2007 

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