Rory Gallagher

Lost At Sea

Rory Gallagher

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Lost At Sea


A A7 D Ddim A x2 

A    A7 D   Ddim   A 
Lost at sea like a sailor, 

A   A7    D      Ddim    A 
You found me you were my saviour. 

Guitar riff (w/ A chord played over): 

A      A7  D    Ddim   A 
Tossed a - bout like a coaster, 

    A    A7  D        Ddim     A 
The reef was near but you came closer. 

A     A7    D     F#m        E 
Rea - ching out I don`t know how. 

Guitar riff 

Solo 1: 
A D Ddim A 
A D Ddim A 
A D F#m E 

Guitar riff 

Bm                               D 
    Raise the sails and leave, 

And take me straight home. 

Bm                     D 
    I can almost see  

the distant shoreline. 

A      A7 D     Ddim       A 
Caught in tides friends of no-one, 

A     A7    D   Ddim     A 
Winds which lie drove me straight on. 

A   A7    D         F#m   E 
Who knows where but I was spared. 

Guitar riff 

A D Ddim A x4 

Solo 2: 
A D Ddim A x5 
A D F#m E 

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