Rod Clements

Roads Of East Northumberland

Rod Clements

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Roads Of East Northumberland


Intro: C      F   C 

verse 1 
            F                C 
I drive the roads of East Northumberland 
            F               C 
Between the uplands and the sea 
                     F            Am            F 
Where the wind blows cold and the long grass is taking hold 
       C         F                C     F   C 
Of the traces of how it used to be 

verse 2 
               F             C 
The windscreen wipers beat a rhythm 
               F               C 
The years roll back across the plain 
                      F       Am             F 
And the ghosts of the men are going to their destiny 
C               F                 C 
Heading for the back-shift in the rain 

verse 3 
                   F            C 
You can read their names on the monument 
             F         C 
Their voices echo everywhere 
                    F     Am               F          C 
Their proud banners call, hanging on the museum wall 
         F                  C 
Do you remember why they're there? 

And do you understand 
It's only time's shifting sands that carry on? 
Do you understand 
That only time will tell, and time is moving on? 

C   F   Am   F   C   F   C 

verse 4 
           F                C 
I walk the hills of West Northumberland 
                F               C 
And I look back east across the plain 
               F             Am               F 
From a ring of stones to the green fields and starter homes 
      C          F               C 
And a North-East wind suggesting rain 

C  F  C     F  C     F  C     F  C7    C 

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