Robert Earl Keen

Let The Music Play

Robert Earl Keen

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Let The Music Play


D - Dsus2 - D - Dsus4 - D (played over D chord below) 

verse 1 

Put the horses in the stable 
                        A  Asus4 
Load the mules on the train 
Set your pistols on the table 
A           G           D 
Leave the dogs out in the rain 
Take the money that they gave you 
                    A   Asus4 
Hide it in a mason jar 
Nobody now can save you 

A           G           D 
It don't matter where you are  

G Turn your lamp down low A Hear the four wins blow D A Bm A Asus4 Bow your head to pray G It ain't what you planned Fm Bm You got one last stand Em G D Let the music play
verse 2 D Left for dead in southern Georgia A Asus4 At the hands of hapless John D With your baby waitin' for ya' A G D You were home before the dawn D You know your shakin' hands with Satan A Asus4 When your mouth is goiní dry D When that law man back in Dayton A G D Wouldn't look you in the eye verse 3 D He was nothin' but a grifter A Asus4 And he came to play the part D Disguised as Luke the drifter A G D Talk about a cheatin' heart D And he sold you down the river A Asus4 when he rode into your town D Then that same old Indian giver A G D Struck a match and burned it down verse 4 D Now you're alone and barely breathing A Asus4 Looking down from up above D Needing something to believe in A G D One lonely truth and love D And the storm is slowly dying A Asus4 At the breaking of the day D All the steel guitars are crying A G D I'm rollin' down that lost highway
G It ain't like you planned Fm Bm You got one last stand Em G D Let the music play

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