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You're Free To Go Keyboard

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by sabrjoao

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You're Free To Go

  		recorded by Jim Reeves 
written by Don Robertson and Lou Hersher  

C                 E7 
You're free to go darling  
F                        C 
I'll break the ties that bind   
G7                                        C 
Somehow the dreams we planned have gone astray 
G7             C   E7 
You're free to go  darling  
   F                 C 
So ease your worried mind  
           G7            C 
I'll never stand in your way 
           F               C 
There's no ring or shining gold  
   G7                 C 
So strong that it can hold 
  D7                     G7 
A heart that longs to be free 
             C    E7 
The lips are cold darling  
     F                C 
That once said yes to me 
The tender glow is gone I know  
You're free to go 

repeat #2 

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