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Rhythm Of The Rain Keyboard

Ricky Nelson

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by ambChile

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Rhythm Of The Rain

  		      C                               F 
1. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, 
     C                                G 
    telling me just what a fool I`ve been. 
       C                                                 F 
    I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain, 
       C           G        C    - G 
    and let me be alone again. 
             C                                           F 
    The only girl I`ve ever loved has gone away, 
      C                       G 
    looking for a brand new start. 
      C                                                      F 
    Little does she know that when she left that day, 
       C            G            C    
    along with her she took my heart. 
      F                                 Em 
    Rain please tell me now does that seem fair, 
         Dm                                                 C 
    for her to steal my heart away when she don`t care, 
      Am                                  Dm                                  C  - G 
    I can`t love another when my heart`s somewhere far away. 
      F                               Em 
    Rain won`t you tell her that I love her so, 
      Dm                               C 
    please ask the sun to set her heart aglow, 
           Am                                 Dm                               C  - G 
    and rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow 
3. = 1. +   fade                      

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