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Only With You Keyboard

Richie Furay

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by joboa

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Only With You

A E G#m A I知 giving my heart, all of my love only to you E C#m A You池e the one promised to me, I値l always be true E G#m C#m A Wherever you go I want you to know I値l always love you E G#m A E I知 giving my heart, all of my love only to you
E A There was a time waiting for you E G#m I wasn稚 sure if my dreams would come true A E But you are a treasure from heaven at least I see it that way A You are the one I always saw here C#m B A C#m A Standing with me, making it so clear, you値l always be saying to me I知 giving my heart, all of my love only to you I wanna be all I can be, Everything you hoped I would be Nothing will ever come between us that way Here is my hand let痴 go together My promise to you is I値l love you forever we値l always be in love you and me Chorus _________________ by: Jos Duarte [email protected]

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