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Who Told You

Reindeer Section

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Who Told You

Intro: C 

   A                   Bm 
It all makes sense now I've calmed down 
              A                                     Bm 
I should have seen it coming from miles down the road 
    A               Bm 
But at the time we never think 
        A                                     Bm 
That it might've been ourselves to blame at all 

A               Bm 
You shudder and beat your chest 
           A                               Bm 
But you'll never warm yourself up believe me 
A                    Bm 
Where were you? I'd made it through 
         A                                  Bm 
But only god can judge me now, I hope he's in 

Why do hearts break 
When we are on our own 
              D                 C                     Bm 
Just when you need to pump the life back in yourself? 
And why do earthquakes 
Happen miles away 
             D              C                   Bm 
When I only want the open ground to swallow me? 

A                Bm 
Who told you I'd not come through 
       A                                  Bm 
Before I could speak to you in my defence? 
A                Bm 
Who made you the righteous one 
         A                                 Bm 
When I'd only turned around for half an hour? 

Why do chalk lines 
Tell an empty tale 
                D             C                    Bm 
And surely it's bad enough to end up on the floor? 
And you can scratch your chin 
I think you understand 
                D                 C              Bm 
But how can you know what's going on inside my head? 
           D           C                 Bm 
Maybe I'm better off alive and in my bed 

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