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All I Want Keyboard

Red Rocks Worship

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by VsWorld

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All I Want

Intro: E E B B 

 Steal away my selfish gain 
 Lead me into Your perfect ways oh Lord 
 Keep my heart fixed upon 
 Bringing glory to Your Name 

 My delight is found only in 
 The splendor of Your love, Your presence oh God 
E                      G#m           F# 
 I find my joy is in Your truth oh Lord 

B G#m My desire is more of You in my life E Nothing satisfies like You God B G#m Flood my eyes 'til all I see is Your light E G#m F# Hear my only cry, all You are is all I want
Bridge E G#m F# Let Your Spirit be the fire burning in my life E G#m F# Let the grace You have given come and be my guide C#m G#m F# Keep my pride on the altar, let Your words fill my mind E G#m F# All You are is all I want

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