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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Nickatt

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Universal Speaking

  		D         G 
I saw your face 
elegant and tired 
cut up from the chase 
still I so admired 
bloodshot your smile 
delicate and wild 
give me shewolf style 
rip right thru me 

D                                     G 
Silverretta the jets of a lifetime     D 
go and get her I´ve got her on my mind Sol 
nothing better the feeling is so fine  D 
simply put I saw your love stream flow G D

Come on baby cause there´s no name for 
give it up and I got what I came for 
G        Bb
universally speaking 
win in the long run 

D         G 
I saw your crime 
dying to get high 
two of a kind 
beats all hands tonight 

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