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storm in teacup Keyboard

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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by ferpepper

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storm in teacup

Come on come baby 
Let me show you what I?m talkin? about 
You try to be a lady 
Bout you?re walkin? like a sour kraut 
Looka looka lika lika 
Like you want to get some 
If your never tell a lie 
Then you never have to play dumb 
Dirty baby time you?re gonna take some 
Pretty baby love you?re make some 
Little lady hearts you?re gonna break some 
Kinda shady now you?re gonna foke some  
Dirty baby we?ve got a situation 
Pretty baby open ivitation 
Little lady what a reputation 
Kinda shady now you?re gonna make again 
C Bb I know you can straddle F G The atmosphere C Bb F G A tiny storm in your teacup girl C Bb F G I know you can battle the masses. Dear C Bb D A tiny storm in your teacup girl
Gm F Gm F Gm F ???. (Gm) Every other day you say You?re gonna have to bury?em (Gm) Famous last worlds Spoken from the laserium (Gm) Descendents had a record Sayin? somethin? bout Milo (Gm) You can take train But you?re gonna have to lie law

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