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We're a Happy Family

{ A E B (4x) F#  A B E  G A (2x) } 
E             G 
We're a happy family 
E             A 
We're a happy family 
E             G 
We're a happy family 
Me mom and daddy.    (2x) 
Sitting here in Queens 
Eating refried beans 
We're in all the magazines 
Gulpin' down thorazines. 
We ain't got no friends 
Our troubles never end 
No Christmas cards to send 
Daddy likes men. 
{ A E B (4x) F#  A B E  G A (2x) } 
Daddy's telling lies 
Baby's eating flies 
Mommy's on pills 
aby's got the chills. 
I'm friends with the President 
I'm friends with the Pope 
We're all making a fortune 
Selling Daddy's dope. 
Sitting here in Queens... 
We ain't got no friends... 
{ A E B (4x) F#  A B E  G A (2x) } 
We're a happy family...  E 
Contribuição: Mauro([email protected]) 


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