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Pink Floyd

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by Rowane

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Country song

(Waters / Gilmour / Mason / Wright)

  		These are the chords played on the piano, but they sound good 
if you strum them on an acoustic.  
G C G  F C F D 
Part 1: 
G 	    C          G 
He made his way to the border 
F      C      F		D 
In the shadow under the trees 
G         C           G 
Down by a stream in a hollow 
F         C    F        D 
Turn your head feel the breeze 
Part 2: 
E		      C		      G 
And the red queen was waiting for the news 
E   		      D 
For the white king to move 
E			       C	       G 
And the balance hung upon the head of one who tried 
To stay within the shadows and keep his undercover secret  

G	     C       G 
They let him in by a back way 
F      C       F	        D 
Into a chamber reserved for the queen 
G	     C		  G 
She took the note that he gave her 
F	  C	 F	        D 
Opened it slowly and started to read 
E		        C	           G 
Run to the treasury and bring me back some gold 
E				  D 
Give it to the pawn who came, she cried 
E				  C 		   G 
He says the white king thinks the game of chess is wrong 
And all the courtiers crowded her and this is what she told the gathered 
G	  C	       G 
Go to the store by the dungeon 
F	     C          F            D 
Take all the red paint, take all the white 
G	  C	   G 
Make up a new born color 
F	   C	     F	      D 
Cover your neighbor, we'll be alright 
E			      C		       G 
There'll be no game today she cried across the board 
E			 D    
Every day will be a holi-day 
E			      C		       G 
And all the pieces cheered as tidings spread a-broad 
And the pink queen sat and smiled at the cat who smiled  
Solo over: 
G C G  F C F D 
repeat and fade 


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