Phoebe Bridgers


Phoebe Bridgers

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	  		Intro B  E 

Day off in Kyoto, got bored at the temple 
Looked around at the 7-11 
The band took the speed train, went to the arcade 
I wanted to go, but I didn't 
You called me from a payphone 

They still got payphones 
It cost a dollar a minute 
To tell me you're getting sober 

And you wrote me a letter 
But I don't have to read it 

C#m E B I'm gonna kill you F# If you don't beat me to it C#m E G#m D#m Dreaming through Tokyo skies C#m E B I wanted to see the world F# Then I flew over the ocean C#m E B C#m E And I changed my mind (ooh)
( B E ) B Sunset's been a freak show on the weekend E So I've been driving out to the suburbs B To park at the Goodwill and stare at the chem trails E With my little brother B He said you called on his birthday You were off by like ten days E But you get a few points for tryin' B Remember getting the truck fixed when you let us drive it E 25 felt like flying
C#m E B I don't forgive you F# But please don't hold me to it C#m E G#m D#m Born under Scorpio skies C#m E B I wanted to see the world F# Through your eyes until it happened C#m E B C#m E Then I changed my mind B C#m E Guess I lied B C#m E I'm a liar B C#m E Who lies B C#m E 'Cause I'm a liar

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