Parker McCollum

Memphis Rain Keyboard

Parker McCollum

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by ubirbomfim

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Memphis Rain

Intro: E B C#m A (x2) 

Still remember that crackle 
The needle laying down 
C#m                                                 A 
The stain of the glass in the chaple as we laid him in the ground 
                E                               B 
Their feet shuffling oh they might start running 
                    C#m                             A 
Yeah, I'll run that Mississippi 'til my feet hit Tennessee ground 

E Just like he told me B Never pray for change A That Memphis rain
Verse E Now my nightmare's my money B Been keeping my awake C#m A Never knew what the blues could do to a boy that was given everything it takes E B Now the Cadillac's hummin and my heart starts pumping C#m A Yeah there ain't no doubt that there's no way out from everything I ever wanted
E The pills and the pain B Never pray for change A That old Memphis Rain
Bridge C#m B A Ain't it gold, rock and roll, and it's mine C#m B A Don't mistake what it takes to lose sight of the line C#m B F#m Because in time you will find if you do Solo E B C#m A (x2) Verse E Well they burned down Big Hill B And they marched away C#m A I can still see that old A-frame kickin' back off of that big lake E I still go there B To the middle of no-where C#m A It's a lifetime left to me gotta build it up to what it oughta be
E Just like he told me B Never pray for change A That 'ole Memphis Rain

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