Oscar Isaac

Star Wars

Oscar Isaac

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Star Wars

G            F    G          F         G   F   G  F 
They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway 
G                F      G     F      G   F   G  F 
They say there's always magic in the air 

G    F  G Am          G    F   G 
Star Wars nothing but Star Wars 
F         G    F  G F       Dsus4 
Gimme the Star Wars in your way 

G    F  G Am            G  F   G 
Star Wars those near in flowers 
F                G    F  G F         Dsus4 
Please don’t let Star Wars come to an end 

        Am                   Dsus4    D/C 
There’s Rey, Finn and Peo and BB8 as well 
       Am                    D 
What a cute and wacky little droid 
    Am                             D7 
And hey Kylo Ren in black and evil mask 
Gm                                 Dsus4 
Does he scare you much as he scares me 

G  F  G  F 
Star Wars 
G  F  G  Am  G  F  G  F  G 
Star Wars 

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