Olivia Ong

You And Me

Olivia Ong

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You And Me



Gmaj7                          Em7 
Taking a trip down memory lane 
Things have changed one thing remains 
                    C/D                 Gmaj7 Daug 
That they will always have each other 
Gmaj7                               Em7 
And even though those days have gone 
They know here is where they belong 
                             C/D       Gmaj7 
There's some kinda magic in the air 
   Ebmaj7 Bb/D            Am7             C/D    Gmaj7 
 Feel the warmth That only summer breezes can bring 
Cmaj7 Bm7             Em7      F9          C/D 
Sweet little notes of spring begin Nothing to fear 
                   Gmaj7                    Em7 
 Taking one step at a time Walking hand in hand 
Cmaj7 C/D                               
1234   Cheek to cheek And they're 
Gmaj7             Em7 
learning how to do that dance 
Cmaj7                 Cm7      Bm7    
Let this love be forevermore they say 
 Esus4 E     A4 Am7    C/D                      Gmaj7  
I wish      for this             To be true for you and me 
Gmaj7                             Em7 
Holding her close He leading the way 
Out at the park Enjoying the day 
                   C/D       Gmaj7 
And you can tell they'll be ok 

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