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Little by Little Keyboard


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by jonck

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Little by Little

Year: 2002 - Album: Heathen Chemistry

Intro: C  C  C/B  G   

Em/F#  A  | 2x 

Verse 1 
Em                          A 
We the people fight for our existence 
   Em                                  A 
We don't claim to be perfect but we're free 
   Em                             A 
We dream our dreams alone with no resistance 
Em                               A 
Fading like the stars we wish to be 

You know i didn't mean 
D/F#        G    G  G/F#   
What i just said 
But my god woke up 
on the wrong side of his bed 
and it just don't matter now 

D 'Cause little by little A Em /F#m G We gave you everything you ever dreamed of D Little by little A Em /F#m G The wheels of your life they're slowly falling off D Little by little A Em /F#m G You have to give it all with all your life D C G And all the time, i just ask myself why A You're really here
Verse 2 (Chords as verse 1) True perfection has to be imperfect I know that that sounds foolish but it's true The day has come and now you'll have to accept The life inside your head we give to you Bridge (As previous bridge) Chorus (As previous chorus) Solo A G G/F# | 2x hey! D C C/B D A Chorus (First bit as previous chorus) D A Em And all the time, i just ask myself why /F#m G You're really here D A Em /F#m G D A Em /F#m G D A Why am I really here? Em /F#m G D C G Why I am not really here? Outro D Dsus2 (Repeat to fade)

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