Noel Gallagher

Waiting For The Rapture (acoustic) Keyboard

Noel Gallagher

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by VsWorld

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Waiting For The Rapture (acoustic)


Intro: Am

I still don't know what I was, 

Waitin' for, 

Fmaj7                             Am 
A big love to fall down from the sky 

Am                             Am 
She took my hand and picked me up off the floor, 

Fmaj7                   Am 
She put an apple in my eye 

Am C/G Am She said I'm tiiiiiiired, Fmaj7 Am Come get me off the merry-go-round Am C/G Am I'm wiiiiiiired Fmaj7 Am Come feed me then and then you're bringing me down
Verse 2: Am She come up to me, Am I can't remember what she said, Fmaj7 Am 'Cause I was in a trance and I forgot it all, Am Bangin' on 'bout all that, Am Revolution in her head, Fmaj7 Am She make her lover seem so magical
C/G Am She said I'm tiiiiiiiired, Fmaj7 Am Come get me off the merry-go-round C/G Am Am7 I'm wiiiiiiired Fmaj7 Well heaven must've sent yer, E To save me from the rapture, yeah
Interlude: C/G C/G Am Am7 Fmaj7 C/G (3x)
C/G C/G Am Am7 I'm tiiiiiiiired, Fmaj7 C/G Come get me off the merry-go-round C/G C/G Am Am7 I'm wiiiiiiiiired Fmaj7 C/G Fmaj7 Come feed me then you're bringing me doooooooooown C/G Fmaj7 C/G Fmaj7 Lay my soul on the ground, C/G Fmaj7 C/G Like a million more that have me dooooooown That's basically it, any corrections left in the comments will be made

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