Nickel Creek

Face Of Trouble

Nickel Creek


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Face Of Trouble

	  		Intro: E Eb (3x) 
(A) Here's the (F#m) face of (C#m) trouble (A) 
It's the face I (E) wear (D) (C#m (I think)) 
And it (D) may in(C#m)vite (F#m) you in 
But I (D) won't go there 
Here's a working model 
That generates despair 
And this baby cranks it out 
And it will take you out 
And I won't care 
(The lyrics say 'It's a beauty' right here, but I don't remember that from the tape I have) 
It's the mark of someone 
Who's beyond repair 
He'll refuse to help yourself 
Thinking only of himself 
Though he isn't by himself 
Well it's your job now 
It's the conversation 
We're about to share 
And it's full of twists and turns 
Half-truths and vague concerns 
From one who never learns 
And I never learn 
Here's the face of trouble 


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