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Why Stay A Promise

Next To Normal

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Why Stay A Promise

Why stay? 
Why stay? 
So steadfast and stolid 
And stoic and solid 
    C5                  Bb5 
For day after every day 
Ab5 F5 
Why stay? 
Ab2 F2 
Why stay? 
Why not simply give in 
F5/Eb Eb5 F5 
And   get on with living? 
      F5                      Bb 
Cause everyone knows you tried 
    Eb/Bb   Bb7  Eb/Bb Bb  Eb/Bb  Bb 
But somehow some-thing  died 
On the way 
So tell me why you stay 

Ab  F5 
Why stay? 
Ab  F5 
Why stay? 
   Eb5/F F5 
En-dur-  ing and coping 
F5/Eb Eb5  F5 
And   hurt-ing and hoping 
For day after fucking day 

Ab  F5 
Why stay? 
Ab  F5 
Why stay? 
Why not simply end it? 
F5/Eb Eb5 F5 
We'd  all comprehend it 
                            F7  Bb 
And most of the world would say 
     Eb/Bb  Bb  Eb/Bb Bb  Eb/Bb Bb 
He's better off that     way 
To be free 
                F5   F7sus 
And maybe so is she 

  F5                    F7sus 
A promise a boy says forever 
  F5                    Dbmaj7          Csus 
A boy says whatever may come we'll come through 
And who can know how 
     Bb2                  Csus  C 
When all I know now to be true 
        Bbm7                   F5   F7sus 
Is this promise that I make to you 

  F5                      F7sus 
A question, a boy wonders whether 
    F5                     Dbmaj7       Csus 
The two stay together the way that they stay 
For year after year 
     Bb2                        Csus  C 
From love or from fear, either way 
           Bbm7                  F5  Fsus 
That's the promise that I made that day 

Here's what I say 
        Am                     F 
To the girl who was burning so brightly 
           Am                F 
Like the light from Orion above 
    Bb                          F2    F  F2 
And still I will search for her nightly 
   F   Csus            C           F7 
If you see her, please send her my love 
         Am                   F 
And the boy was a boy for all seasons 
     Am                      F 
That boy is long lost to me now 
         Dm                   Gsus    G 
And the man has forgotten his reasons 
         Bbm7                   C7sus 
But the man still remembers his vow 

  F5                     F7sus 
A promise, a man says forever 
  F5                        Dbmaj7  Csus 
A man says I'll never regret or let you 
    F5                 Am      F/A   Bb    Bb2 
The promise I made to stay and I stayed true 
Gm7                     Csus 
Knowing one day we'd remember that joy 
        Gm7                      A          Asus 
You'd remember that girl, I'd remember that boy 
  A     Dm9    Dm        Dm9/C     Dm/C          Bb 
Til we do, the promise I made I'll make it brand new 
    C7sus                  F5 
The promise that I made to you 

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