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Real Good Thing Keyboard


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by vasodebarro

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Real Good Thing

Year: 1994 - Album: Greatest Hits

  		Bass intro: 

        G                 C 
When we don't get what we deserve 
                   G                  G 
That's a real good thing, a real good thing 
        G                 C 
When we get what we don't deserve 
                   G                  G 
That's a real good thing, a real good thing 


C               C 
Born to sin and then get caught 
C                  C 
All our good deeds don't mean squat 

Sell the Volvo, shred the Visa 
Send the cash to Ma Teresa 
Great idea, the only catch is 
You don't get saved on merit badges 


Verse 2: 

Doctor's coming, looking grim 
'Do you have a favorite hymn?' 

Check your balance through the years 
All accounts are in arrears 
Guilt is bitter, grace is sweet 
Park it here on the mercy seat 





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