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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Year: 1996 - Album: Take Me to Your Leader

notes: on the intro play the F# and then strum it while muting 
the strings and then play it some more, and so on. And on the 
verse after playing the B5 power chord slide down the strings 
to the E5 power chord at the open E position while muting them 
to make the weird effect in the song. 
  B5                                      E5  B5 
Tuesday the third, I'll call this entry "Mistake" 
 B5                                 E5  B5 
Cheap imitation. My life feels like a fake 
A5 G5 
  A5                         D5     A5   
Breathe on me. Breath oh Breath of God. 
  A5                     D5     A5 
Breathe on me 'til my heart is new. 
  A5                         D5     A5 
Breathe on me. Breathe oh Breath of Life. 
  A5                    D5        A5 
Breathe on me 'til I love like You do. 
  D...E F 
  D...E F 


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